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What do I have to do when I receive a booking request?

When you get a request from a someone who wants to rent your boat, this means the request has not been confirmed yet. You can take the following actions when replying:

  • Reject the request
  • Respond to a question or ask a question and don't accept nor decline the request yet
  • Approve the request and request payment and confirmation
  • Modify the request, if for example the boat is not available but another boat is, or if the price is not correct.

Upon acceptance of the request, the tenant must confirm by payment. As long as this payment has not yet been made, there is no confirmed booking yet. We advise to put the boat under option and inform the user that he has 24 hours to pay and confirm.

What is not allowed in a request:

  • Suggest a boat that is not available on Tubbber (for example, sending a link to another website)
  • Accept the request while the boat is not available
  • Send personal information such as your mail, phone number or address
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